Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

A firm foundation builds lasting results

One of the most exciting parts of our service is when landscape construction begins. With a solid master plan firmly in place, we strive to make the construction phase as swift and efficient as possible. We have all had that neighbour who thought he could lay a 2000 square foot interlocking brick driveway over a weekend in September, only to find the driveway is still unfinished as the snow starts to fall. Careful coordination of the delivery of materials and the workforce needed to put them into place is an advantage of hiring the time-tested professionals at Scenic View Landscaping.

Other considerations that the average home-owner may not take into account is ensuring city by-laws regarding set-backs, fence heights, pool enclosures and the need for permits is observed. Beware of any contractor who tells you permits are an unnecessary expense. These rules and regulations are put into place to protect you, the homeowner, and prevent problems in the future with neighbours and by-law enforcement officers while keeping fly-by-night contractors out of your life and out of your hair.

Without a doubt, the construction phase can be the most thrilling, but also the most trying part of any major landscaping project. Seeing cracked old cement driveways and over-grown or dying trees and shrubs removed to make way for beautiful new hardscapes and plantings has a satisfaction all its own. We strive to make that process as painless, timely, and tidy as possible, the mark of true professionals in any landscape contracting business.

Scenic View Landscaping provides Landscaping services in Durham Region, Ontario. Including Landscape Design, and Construction in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Bowmanville, and the Greater Toronto Area.